Conquer Chronic Disease!

Isn’t it time your suffering with your chronic disease ended? At Holistique, we use an integrative approach to help you journey through a healing process in transforming your life physically, mentally, emotionally. It’s time to get your life back!

Lyme Disease Addressed Without Antibiotics

Natural medicines and therapies from all around the world are proving themselves to be more effective in re-establishing health in those fighting Lyme disease – this multiple chronic systemic infections syndrome.

Boost your Hormones!

Boost up your hormones and bring joy and vitality back to your life! Learn about Holistique’s anti-aging program, V-Shot for women and E-Shot for men.

Look Radiantly Young Naturally!

Holistique’s natural aesthetic program transforms you to look and feel naturally young and radiantly beautiful without fillers, Botox, chemicals or plastic surgery. PRP facelift and PRP facial bring back your youthful appearance, giving you a lift and ridding you of scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

Dr. Darvish on the Radio

Listen to Dr. Darvish as she is interviewed on multiple alternative health-related topics.

Detoxify and Lose Weight!

Feeling heavy and fatigued? Your key to losing weight is to identify and address your cellular, biochemical, hormonal, energetic and emotional blocks. An individualized weight loss program to reduce your inflammation and optimize your metabolism to get you back to health and feeling and looking your best may be exactly what you need.

Adjunctive Cancer Options

Holistique’s individualized integrative cancer therapy program offers you a comprehensive approach in assisting you to fight with your ultimate capacity while rendering you treatment options for your personal needs. Our goal is to go beyond treating cancer: we treat you.

Men, Do You Need a Testosterone Kick?

Peak performance depends on testosterone. Get your levels balanced to feel pumped up and vitalized. Your libido, energy, and mood depend on it. And if that is not enough, get a E-Shot!

Holistiquely Pain-Free

You don’t need to be taking pain medicine for the rest of your life. Let’s find the root cause of your pain and treat it by stimulating your body’s own healing process. Your pain naturally resolves.

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Virtue of the Month: Generosity

Generosity is the act or intention of giving and sharing ourselves, our material and spiritual blessings freely without limitation or prejudice to others. Through generosity, we show our love and gratitude for our loved ones, our Creator and all that He has bestowed. Generosity creates joy and happiness, promoting healing and health, within both the giver and the receiver. 

Comments from our Patients

These results are the individual experiences of these patients, your results may vary depending on your condition.

  • Dr. Darvish and her medical team have given me my life back. I suffered for years from chronic illness and now I feel whole again. Thanks to Dr. Darvish’s diagnoses of chronic lyme disease followed by supportive treatments and recommendations my body has healed and I feel strong again. I am so grateful for her knowledge and care. Everyone deserves such dedication to a healthy mind and body.Dr. Lisa K. Reising, DVM, Animal Healing Center, Redmond, WA

  • OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH! The injections of my scars you did...have been revolutionary for my body!!! I have not had a headache and I've had both tea AND coffee - with NO HEADACHE!!! I feel so much joy and gratitude to have a breakthrough. You are a miracle in my life!!! Thank you and god bless you.Deborah Shelton - New York

  • Thanks so much for treating our precious daughter for her allergies. She has stopped itching and her hives are gone. She can finally sleep at night.Gabriella

  • This is an absolute miracle for me. There are simply no words to describe what it is like to finally find a solution and relief from this chronic condition.Sally

  • You saved my life!–Pat B.

  • Thank you!! You have helped us tremendously!! It's truly changing our lives for the better. You're the best!–Joan

  • Truly it's hard to imagine my life currently and for the past several years without the loving care and kindness of Dr. Darvish and her staff. As a long time patient, my life as a 70 year old, I know for sure, is so much healthier and happier because of the care I receive at Holistique Medical Center. Here I know there are people there that truly care about me! Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I feel nurtured and nourished. I am most grateful for this kind of continued positive care and environment! I'm always most happy to refer my friends and family to Holistique Medical Center!–Sarah Lewis

  • Thanks for giving me my life back to enjoy.–Cynthia

  • Thank you for the kind and caring way you have been taking care of me. I will always come back when I'm in town. Till then I'll miss you–Julie

  • The approach to my health care received at Holistique Medical Center focuses on my wellness from a comprehensive perspective. I appreciate and respond to this focus on prevention through changes in lifestyle which enhances my overall health, and have seen positive results, both physically and mentally. Thank you for providing such wonderful care in a warm, caring environment.Weldon E. Ihrig, University of Washington

  • Dr Nooshin Darvish is a gifted and caring practitioner. Her diagnostic skills and compassion get to the source of the problem.Marc Goldman

  • I listened to you on the Dr Pat show. Absolutely loved all of your information on holistic approach to care. Homeopathy is truly the only way to Cure all of us, we need All- physical psychological spirituality approaches.

    I am a registered nurse and have worked in the medical field my entire life. Started out as an aide in high school. I have watched over the years the drug companies spending millions making new drugs that in all actuality only worsen the problem; causes multiple side effects;then the need for more meds for the SE.

    In fact while listening to you speak about heartburn/ stomache irritation etc., I must say every single patient that is on more than 1-2 meds (which is just about everybody) is always prescribed some type of antacid (zantac prilosec etc.). All of this changes the natural fluids and PH balances within our bodies. I could go on and on about this in all aspects of the body system.

    Hearing you on the radio just inspired me even more to move forward with my knowledge and help heal the horrific health care system The real way!!!!Michele Corke

  • I don't know that I have thanked you enough over the years. I want you to know that I am alive and thriving due to your amazing gifts. My friends and family thank you as well.

    Today I woke up with no noticeable pain in my body. I noticed on Sunday that the pain was somewhat reduced. That was the second day of my HCG injection. By Wednesday I could walk comfortably to my car yet I could still feel the pain in my knee, ankles and wrists.

    Today is day 7 of my injections, beyond the obvious weight benefits which are secondary to me, I feel for the first time in about a year that I could actually exercise.

    I don't know if you are collecting data on this or how HCG is related to other similar hormones that people could take or if even a small amount of this orally is a solution for people with pain. I think this is seriously worth looking at although I am not a doctor. Imagine if this could be a solution for people.

    Again, thank you so much for being there for me in ways that I could never imagine. Please let me know how I can continue to support you on your journey. .Dr. Pat Baccil, The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

  • I wish I had known about you 10 years ago and started treating the root of my problem then.–T.L.

  • You give us hope to fight this cancer.–R.H.

  • I am a 4th stage ovarian cancer patient who has been on 3 different chemos since diagnosis in Sept of 2001. It was not until I started seeing Dr. Darvish in Aug of 2004 and 3 treatments that I had a Cat Scan free of cancer. I continue seeing Dr. Darvish regularly along with treatments and my second Cat Scan in Jan of 2005 was also clear. The office staff and clinic is very friendly and accommodating to patients and their families. Dr. Darvish's knowledge on cancer is exceedingly strong and she continues her research daily to bring the latest technology to her patients.Debbie Kennedy

  • In July 2006 I was diagnosed with a GBM tumor, an especially aggressive form of brain cancer. My MD's told me to “put my affairs in order” and prescribed immediate surgery, 7 weeks of radiation (35 treatments) and 15 months of chemotherapy. Just before beginning my treatments, I met with Dr. Darvish who prescribed nutritional changes, supplements, and Ondamed treatments to help moderate the negative side effects of the prescribed therapies. I followed Dr. Darvish's recommendations diligently. Despite the predictions from my MDs, I experienced minimal side effects from the treatments. Although some of my treatments were more challenging than others, my appetite and energy remained good and, most of the time, I felt healthier than I've ever felt! Additionally, Dr. Darvish focused on and addressed the underlying causes of my diagnosis. After a year and a half I am now completely clear of any cancer. This exceeds anything I was initially told to expect by my conventional doctors. I credit Dr. Darvish and her wonderful, supportive staff for helping me through the most difficult, challenging time of my life.Rich Henry, Co-founder of For The GrandChildren of the Earth, Bellevue Washington

  • I had a bone scan last month. I was dreading the results because an earlier scan, done over two years ago showed an osteopenic condition in one of my hips and I was losing significant bone mass. My M.D. wanted me to start taking a pharmaceutical to stop the bone loss, but I was reluctant to do so. I was also nervous about the scan results because I had stopped taking calcium in April of 2006 and this was now a year and a half later without it. I quit taking calcium when I became Dr. Darvish's patient and she led me through a number of regimens designed to make me healthier. I was pleasantly surprised by the test results: "Since the last evaluation of March 23, 2005, there has been a significant 3.5% gain in BMC at the spine, and a significant 2.1% gain the BMD at the hip." Dr. Davish says I am no longer osteopenic. I'm a big fan of Dr. Darvish!Susan Knox

  • Dr Darvish came into my life three years ago and made me look at health in a brand new way. My body responded positively to her healing methods, including Ondamed and other alternative, cutting-edge procedures. My recently published book speaks to Nooshin Darvish, her amazing staff, and how they continue to assist me in reversing the aging process.Joan M. Bunney, Author ~ Sexy In Your 60's How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process

  • I have been struggling with immune system problems for over 2 years, resulting in allergic reactions to everything, including myself. I experience extreme, deep itching, limited sleep every single night, and allergies to most foods, scents, clothing, chemicals, and lotions. I am on strong, immune suppressant medication (Cyclosporine), which the medical doctors have said that I will have to take for the rest of my life. Obviously depression is another symptom with which I deal, as well as stomach and digestive problems.... After ONE treatment, I am ecstatic. I am sleeping through the night with only awakening briefly once or twice (and not itching!), itching is drastically reduced (perhaps by as much as 70%), my skin is already healing and beginning to feel "normal" (if I can even remember what that is like!), and my digestive system and metabolism actually seem to be working. I awake in the morning refreshed (and after 2 years of sleep deprivation, I can't tell you how awesome that is), optimistic, and energized. I can't even imagine what it will be like after we finish the treatment cycle. This is an absolute miracle for me. There are simply no words to describe what it is like to finally find a solution and relief from this chronic condition. Dr. Darvish has my undying gratitude for persevering in treatment options and offering such a remarkable procedure.–Sally

  • After one Treatment, my depression is gone.–Erica

  • Thanks so much for all the help you've given me. No more eczema on my face and neck, no more uncontrollable sugar cravings, no more horrible nervous energy. I am thinking clearly, have more energy, sleeping better and feeling better all the way around. I'll be back to see you more regularly after my 'adventures with colonics'. Thanks again.–April

  • I have been suffering from chronic heartburn for 15 years. After Dr. Darvish addressed my diet and desensitized me to physical and emotional sensitivities, I am now completely free of heartburn. I do not need those antacids and Prilosec any more. My digestion is great! Thank you.–John

  • Lyme Disease doesn't always let you know it's arrived. You can live with it for years, feeling sort of healthy on and off, yet not able to pinpoint the problem, or it raises its ugly head and hits you when you're under stress. And it can infect the whole family. My husband had experienced bad headaches for years, feeling like he had the flu off and on, tingling in the hands, joint aches and fatigue. I had fatigue and hormone imbalance for years. Our kids started having joint aches and memory loss. Regular testing for Lymes came up negative. Fighting this bacteria for years, and finding doctors that could help took years of continued determination. Luckily, we found Dr. Darvish and her clinic in 2007. Take strong antibiotics or not to knock back Lymes, that was the big question. We had already tried that route - antibiotics only knock the bug back for a few years of relief. With natural medicines, change of diet, positive focus and a better understanding from Dr. Darvish of what we were tackling, we've been able to build up our immunity naturally, and get our lives back in order. Lymes will always be a part of our lives, you can never eliminate this bacteria out of your system. Yet, it won't control our lives as before.–Lisa & Rusty Hill