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Electronic Medical Records System

In mid-February, the clinic will be adopting a new Electronic Medical Records system. This system will allow the clinic to better serve you by streamlining our processes.  It is our expectation that ultimately it will be easier to schedule appointments, and reduce the wait time to see clinic staff.

With any major change, there is a period of adjustment and things may not work flawlessly.  We ask for your patience and to work with us as we take this journey.  Our staff have been spending many hours training on this new system.  During the initial roll-out, we expect to find that many tasks work well and are made better. It won’t be too surprising if there are some areas that will need to be worked out and we ask that you keep that in mind over the next few weeks.

There are features to this system we think you will like. ePrescribing allows the doctors to create prescriptions that are then automatically placed with either our dispensary or, if appropriate, the pharmacy of your choice.  Referrals will become electronic so that we can share documentation securely with other medical professionals with your permission.  Billing will be streamlined.  A new Patient Portal will allow you to view a portion of your medical record, and request appointments and refills online. 

Utilizing an Electronic Medical Records system also allows us to better interact with our insurance providers and settle accounts more quickly.  There is additional benefit for lowering overall healthcare costs as outlined by the 2009 Affordable Care Act. 

To assist us as we transition, we will be asking all of our patients to update their patient information as well as providing a credit card on file that you would like us to bill for balances. 

As an additional option, there is a provision in the system to include a profile photo for you so that our front desk staff can recognize you. This is a completely voluntary and optional feature.

We look forward to serving you and thank you for helping us as we launch this new service.