Bioidentical Hormones

The Bioidentical Hormone Debate (pdf)


Bioimpedance Analysis: Scientific Background
Validation of bioimpedance analysis as a measure of change in body cell mass as estimated by whole-body counting of potassium in adults

Cancer Therapy

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Beating Breast Cancer

Suggested Supplements:
Suggested Dietary Supplements for cancer patients

Chemotherapy and IV Vitamin C
Should Chemo Therapy and IV Vitamin C be mixed?
Use of Anti Oxidants During Chemotherapy
IV Vitamin C as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifying Agent

Effects of Antioxidants (IV Vitamin C) on Cancer
Antioxidants & Cancer Therapy
Use of Antioxidants in Ovarian Cancer
Effects of Intravenous Vitamin C on Cancer Cells
Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide and Vitamin C IV on cancer and non cancer cells
Emerging Evidence of IV Vitamin C on Cancer
IV Vitamin C vs. Oral Vitamin C
IV Vitamin C as Cancer Therapy, three case reviews
Vitamin C: Cancer cure?
Vitamin C treatment shows cancer promise
IV Vitamin C as a Tumor Cytotoxic Chemotherapeutic Agent
IV vitamin C in a Terminal Cancer Patient, case review
Vitamin C & Treatment of Cancer: Abstracts and Commentary from the Scientific Literature, Part I
Vitamin C & Treatment of Cancer: Abstracts and Commentary from the Scientific Literature, Part II
Linus Pauling and Vitamin C Therapy for Breast Cancer
High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C and Long Time Survival of a Patient With Cancer of Head of the Pancreas

Is Regular Cancer Screening Justified?

2011 Digital Versus Film Mammo and Sensitivity
2011 Panel Advises Against Prostate Cancer Screening

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease The New Epidemic

Naturopathic Medicine

What Can the New Patient Expect?


Advances in Medical Infrared
Breast Cancer Facts
Cancer Facts
Effectiveness of Computerized Infrared Imaging Analysis to Evaluate Mammorgraphically Suspicious Lesions
The Validity of Dynamic Stress Testing in Medical Infrared Breast Imaging(pdf)
Thermography and Breast Cancer