Annual Exams

At Holistique, we provide comprehensive annual examinations for females, males, and children.

For Women

Our annual examinations for females include complete physicals, thin-prep pap smears (which are by far more accurate and sensitive than regular pap smears), thorough blood work including general blood count and chemistry, cholesterol, blood sugar and vitamin D assessment, hormonal evaluation, BIA (body impedance analysis) and at times nutritional blood status and assessment. Breast Thermography is strongly recommended for breast cancer screening and hormonal evaluation in conjunction with mammograms. EKG and Dexa Bone Density scans are also recommended depending on the age.

For Men

Annual exams for men include complete physicals including prostate exam and musculoskeletal evaluation, complete blood work including general blood count and chemistry, cholesterol, PSA, blood sugar and vitamin D status, hormonal evaluation including free testosterone and sex-binding hormone globulin, and at times nutritional blood analysis. Bone density testing is indicated for men over 45 years of age or those with low testosterone levels. EKG and BIA may also be ordered depending on risk factors. Screening Thermography may be ordered to evaluate for risk of Diabetes, heart disease, and musculoskeletal concerns.

For Children

Newborn, infant and children exams are routinely performed and include complete physical and genitalia exam. Spinal assessment is performed with every exam from newborn to teenage years. Food allergy evaluation and nutritional evaluation may also be performed depending on risk factors present. Vaccination counseling is also available for parents with questions