Western Medicine is also known as allopathic or conventional medicine. It addresses aggressively acute and dangerous illness, while treating the signs and symptoms of chronic disease by providing palliative relief to patients with debilitating painful conditions. Western medicine is vital in emergency situations in combating life-threatening conditions.

The science of medicine was initially introduced by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. It was further standardized and legalized with the advent of prescription medications following the signing of the Food and Drug Act almost 100 years ago.

Western medicine protocols for treating certain conditions are uniform according to disease and not the individual. For instance, antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial ear infections and steroid inhalers for asthma.

Western medicine has been instrumental in initiating a movement towards utilizing and developing highly sensitive and specialized diagnostic tests and imaging to diagnose the initial layers of a disease process. At Holistique, our physicians regularly order Western medicine diagnostic blood, urine, and imaging tests for screening and diagnostic purposes, as medically necessary.

In certain conditions, our physicians may also prescribe prescription medications to provide palliative and symptomatic relief while the root cause of illness is being investigated. Pharmaceutical medications may be prescribed in urgent care situations.

If you have an urgent medical condition and you are a current patient at Holistique, our physicians will be more than happy to see you for same day visits. Please contact our office for an appointment. Those requiring emergency care or admittance to the hospital are referred to Overlake Hospital or Evergreen Hospital directly.

If you have an emergency and need to contact our physician on-call after hours, please call 425-922-0543.