Transform physically, mentally, and emotionally with our unique weight loss program. With our easy to follow, physician supervised, weekly monitored program, you can lose 1-3 lbs of fat per day safely. You lose inches and clothes size quickly, effectively, and safely, as you are detoxed physically and emotionally. Your energy improves, mood elevates, and a sense of wellness and optimism takes over the whole you. A transformation within you, within your lifestyle and within your relationships occurs simultaneously as you lose the inches and the pounds. Holistique weight loss program reshapes your body, mind, and emotions.

The Holistique weight loss program not only helps you lose the weight but it resets your metabolism improving thyroid conditions, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke. As a result hormone related symptoms improve, and your skin will look younger, tighter and healthier. Best of all, once your metabolism is reset, there is a minimal chance that you will gain the weight back after this 9-10 week program.

The Holistique weight loss program is designed to meet the needs of both men and females. Our unique program combines nutritional counseling, hormone therapy, exercise, emotional release therapy, and lifestyle counseling. Optional treatments for further detoxification, localized body fat reshaping using lipodissolve and mesotherapy, are offered for optimal body reshaping and wellness.

To see if the Holistique Weight Loss Program is right for you, please consult one of our physicians for a complete evaluation.

71 year old female before and after 6 weeks of detox at Holistique

71 year old female before and after 6 weeks of detox at Holistique

No plastic surgery…only all natural individualized detoxification of mind, body and spirit.
She lost 35lbs and went from size 16 to 8, all in 6 weeks. She has transformed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Results may vary for other individuals.