Holistique Signature Programs

Holistique Medical Center has become internationally recognized for its unique combination of powerful and effective diagnostic approaches, treatments and natural aesthetics.  Our signature programs aid patients through a gentle, step-by-step approach towards wellness. Therapies are non-invasive and scientifically evidence-based, stimulating the body’s innate healing power. As patients finish their final stages of the programs, they leave Holistique feeling empowered and renewed, while looking fantastically young again, radiating youthfulness and vitality.

For guests who come to us from across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and South America, we offer special individually tailored integrative 1-4 weeks long diagnostic and in-house therapeutic programs to transform you from illness to wellness. Please contact us to learn more about these individualized programs and for assistance to organize your stay.

How the Programs Work

For each program, a thorough medical history and physical exam is performed along with relevant blood, urine and saliva tests. Several in-house computerized tests along with autonomic response testing and/or auricular testing are also performed to identify hidden heavy metals toxicity, parasites, chronic viral and bacterial infections, mold, toxic chemicals, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, scar tissue, emotional toxins, dental foci, spinal and cranial blockages as biofilms, neurotoxins and mycotoxins underlying the chronic disease. Nutritional, musculoskeletal and emotional evaluation is also performed. EKG and any relevant imaging, such as an MRI or an ultrasound, may also be ordered. Our physicians then review all the pertinent data and create a treatment plan to address the positive findings in a prioritized fashion.

Once you are back to feeling well and functioning optimally, platelet-rich plasma facial/facelift is offered to help you not only look younger but to further stimulate continual healing of individual Chinese meridians throughout your whole body.

The end result: feel and look transformed!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if one or more of our Signature programs might be right for you.