Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids are vital to cellular function and life. Without these essential nutrients, many of the basic biochemical and cellular processes to produce energy, hormones, and enzymes are disabled or slowed.

Nutrient requirements vary based on the individual, health status including digestive health, genetics, activity level, and environmental exposures. Athletes, for instance, require more nutrients than others. Cancer patients should have less of certain minerals, such as Zinc and Chromium, and more anti-oxidants to reduce cancer cell growth and increase immune system function. Menstruating females require different nutrients that menopausal females; and men have different requirements from females. Your nutritional assessment becomes very important in treating disease and optimizing health. You can be assured our physicians will assess your nutritional needs and prescribe appropriate diet and supplementation to meet your body’s unique needs.

The root cause of nutrient deficiencies is also evaluated at Holistique. Many times, digestive issues leading to malabsorption syndrome (inflammatory bowel disease or Leaky Gut syndrome resulting from chronic gut infection, medications, food allergies, and stress) are at the root of nutrient deficiencies.

If you are severely deficient in certain nutrients or compromised digestively, you may be prescribed IV nutrient therapy to kick start your system and to bring the levels of nutrients to normal levels. Once digestion is normalized, oral supplementation using standardized, medical grade and non-contaminated supplement formulas may then be prescribed for maintenance.