The spine is one of our most important structures and must be maintained in proper alignment and mobility. In some cases, injury or years of poor posture can misalign the spine or restrict its mobility. Spinal manipulation implies the adjustment of spinal joint segments or the soft tissue that supports the spine in order to restore alignment and mobility.

Spinal assessment and manipulation is vital in the holistic treatment of numerous conditions.

The nervous system is the primary system that gives life (electricity) to the organs in our bodies. Without it, the organs would not function as well. The circulatory system is a secondary system which gives nutrition to the organs and without it, the organs will acquire dysfunction resulting from a lack of nutrition.

Because both the nerves and blood vessels travel in between the spinal bones (vertebrae) to the organs, it is imperative that the spine be aligned, mobile and functional to allow for maximum electricity and nutrition to reach the organs.

Our physicians use naturopathic or osteopathic spinal manipulation techniques that are gentle and restorative to the spinal vertebrae function.