What is Neural Therapy?

Neural therapy is a specialized injection technique, which uses nutritive local anesthetics (Procaine) to treat chronic pain and chronic illness, as well as scars. It was initially developed in Germany and is used by approximately 35% of German doctors currently. In United States, even though versions of neural therapy are used and known as trigger point injection, epidural injection, and regional injections, neural therapy as a comprehensive holistic treatment approach for chronic pain, illness, and scars is virtually unknown. Only a handful of physicians, including Dr. Darvish, in United States are trained and experienced in neural therapy techniques for chronic pain, disease and scars.

How does Neural therapy work?

Neural therapy is based on the approach that trauma induces chronic changes and disturbances in the electrochemical tissue function. Scars, for instance, cause a physical block in the electric impulses of the skin region associated with corresponding organ function. The result is pain and the accumulation of toxins and infections in the area of trauma and scars, and a dysfunction in the corresponding organ system over time. Gradually, this leads to pain and chronic illness. Re-establishing the electrical impulses through neural therapy often aids in the normalization of organ function and a resolution of symptoms and the disease process. Neural therapy also unblocks the meridians of Qi (based on Oriental Medicine theory) and allows the Qi to move more freely. The result is organs and energy channels return to normal function.

What is injected and with what medicine?

Neural therapy involves the injection of low dose procaine (a nutritive anesthetic) into nerve clusters (ganglions), peripheral nerves, trigger points, glands, and scars to heal the chronic disturbances in the tissues. A correct injection technique along with the proper area injected can produce an almost instantaneous and miraculous pain relief in even some of the most painful conditions. What about the use of Neural therapy for scars? Neural therapy heals scars and aesthetically lightens them. Females with C-section scars or hysterectomy scars, for instance, when treated with neural therapy, often find a resolution in their chronic sinusitis, pelvic pain, hot flashes, menstrual cramps, chronic fatigue or thyroid dysfunction as well as a healing of the scar to an unnoticeable line.

What about emotional detox with neural therapy?

Emotions resulting from accidents, surgery, dental procedures, vaccinations, childbirth, biopsies, tattoos can have a significant impact on health and chronic disease. Emotions, associated with the trauma of scars and toxins in the ganglion and tissues, are often released within 48 hours of a neural therapy injection. What type of medical conditions is best treated with neural therapy? Neural Therapy can be very effective for many types of medical conditions including but not limited to joint and back pain, chronic headaches/migraines, allergies, chronic bowel problems, kidney disease, prostate and female problems, infertility, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), chronic sinusitis, neurological disorders and many other conditions. Neural therapy is an important part of a treatment plan for Parkinson’s, lyme disease, MS, and Alzheimer’s.

What are the risks of neural therapy?

As with any form of injection, there is always a risk of bruising, and infection. But because majority of the neural therapy injections are superficial and subcutaneous, the risk of infection is very low and very rare. Occasionally, a Herxheimer’s detox reaction (temporary nausea, malaise, dizziness) may occur as a result of the therapy. Often, deep-seeded emotions are released as the traumatized tissue clears its toxins with the injections. If you have a Novocaine or procaine allergy you must let your physician know.