Musculo-Skeletal Care

We provide comprehensive musculo-skeletal assessment and treatment for your back, neck, joint, and muscle pain and conditions, whether acute or chronic.

Our physicians also offer complete evaluations and comprehensive treatment plans for motor vehicle accident patients.

Evaluation may involve blood tests, x-rays, thermography, CT scan or MRI along with a thorough physical examination of the spine, joint, and muscle functions.

Because of the wide range of knowledge and accessibility to a variety of treatment options, our physicians will choose treatments most suitable for you. Depending on your condition, both symptoms and function are evaluated and treated. The goal of most treatment plans is to relieve your pain, to increase your joint mobility and strength, and to address the root cause of the dysfunction and pain.

The following options for musculo-skeletal care are available at Holistique and may be prescribed by our physicians if necessary.

Craniosacral therapy
Exercise therapy
Jin Shin Do

Needle-free acupuncture
Neural therapy
Ondamed biofeedback
Physical therapy (ultrasound, interferential, cold laser)

Prescriptions for pain medication
Spinal and joint manipulation