Have you been:

  • Searching for ways to improve health, strengthen immune system, combat chronic illnesses, fatigue, or physical/ emotional pain?
  • Looking for ways to deal with weight gain, insomnia, cancer, anxiety, depression, fear, chronic fatigue or compulsive behavior?
  • Exploring possibilities to live cohesively with family members and loved ones?
  • Pursuing intimacy with partners and living in harmony with giving and receiving love?
  • Investigating the potential for fulfilling career and attaining personal goals?

KLear Therapy is a solution-based healing modality which quickly finds the best solutions to complex problems by reprogramming both the unconscious and conscious mind.

KLear therapy facilitates the clearing of unresolved emotions and unhealthy belief systems kinesthetically through acupuncture points, organ memories, present and ancestral influences.

It is not an intellectual process, but rather a non-verbal, spiritual, primal, and ancestral experience. The end result is evident in the healing and rejuvenation one usually experiences.

What to expect during a session of KLear Therapy?

  • Each visit is 50 minutes long. Wear loose comfortable clothing, come well hydrated and rested
  • In a safe and supportive environment, you will discover where your sources of strengths are, and what keeps you from vibrant health and success.
  • Using your own innate wisdom, you can re-program the spirit-mind-body to engage in new life-affirming behavior and belief systems
  • After Intake and Assessment, some of the following modalities maybe employed: meditation, visualization, color therapy, sound therapy, acupressure, voice therapy, Constellation work, Traditional Chinese medicine 5 element therapy, medical qigong, and etc.

What to do after KLear Therapy?

  • Other than opening to the newly gained insight and awareness at the spirit-mind-body level, there is usually nothing needed to be done after KLear Therapy for it to be effective. The healing effects of the work unfold in its own time and its own way
  • Important to keep hydrated. Set time aside to go outside to be with nature
  • Relax and enjoy the integration process! Celebrate all of you with acceptance and compassion!

What people say about KLear therapy?

  • I can't tell you how grateful I am to have your company on my journey!–Melanie E

  • It is evident that your commitment to discerning what scope of treatments in your broad range of expertise is most beneficial, each and every time we're together! –Suzahne B

  • There are some people who feel so good to be around....safe, loving... a little like sinking into a wonderful hot bath. –Lauren S

  • I had a profound healing experience! You were very tuned in and experienced to guide the process. Everything made so much sense. Even the puppet representing me came alive during KLear Therapy! When I put it down to sit with my brothers, I realized that I’ve been trying to be all my lost brothers and sister for my parents. Of course it’s been confusing and exhausting, to say the least, and always felt out of sort. This healing is amazing; there should be so many people who will benefit from it. I continued to have some healing moments afterwards. I am much more connected with my family. Thank you so much for what you did for me. I look forward to working together again! –Liren Wang, Theta Healing Master