What is Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure?

Each cell in our body contains our perception, awareness, and past history. When we are in a balanced and harmonious state, when the energy flow is smooth and uninterrupted, there is a sense of well being which brings forth the sweet essence that life offers! When our thoughts and feelings are neglected or unrecognized, when the energy flow becomes blocked or stagnant, this is the beginning of dis-ease, the predecessor of health issues ranging from minor colds to major issues such as cancers!

What is this energy flow that’s so important to the state of our well being? Chinese call it “Qi”, pronounced “Chi”. Qi is invisible, inaudible, yet powerful energy flow which travels in predicable channels throughout our body. Qi can be felt, activated, and enhanced via meditation and Qigong practice.

Jin Shin Do, “The Way of Compassionate Spirit” founded by Iona Teeguarden, is a gentle, deeply relaxing meditative body work which uses finger pressure on acupuncture points in the body to access “Qi”, the body, the mind, and the relationship among them. When the body talks to the mind and when the mind receives and decodes the message of the body, there is congruence of the Qi between the body and the mind, in the heart. This is the beginning of healing in the deepest sense!

What to expect from a Jin Shin Do treatment?

Clients are fully clothed lying comfortably on a massage table. There is a brief history taking, and assessment of sore and tender areas. During the session, a series of two acupressure points are held consecutively to facilitate deep relaxation of both the body and the mind. A tingling sensation is often felt in the arms or legs, and sometimes in the entire body. People often experience a feeling of “floating” and “contentment”. It is in this state, the body and mind can communicate with each other with honesty and respect, and insights gained can be the catalyst for transformation to a healthy attitude and outlook in life!


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