thermographyHolistique Medical Center provides breast, dental, upper and lower body and full body thermography. Our highly sensitive camera is FDA approved for adjunctive breast cancer screening. Our board certified clinical thermologist and technicians are fully trained and certified through the International Academy of Clinical Thermology. As Holistique’s contracted clinical thermologist, Dr. Amalu reads the images taken at Holistique and produces a written report for our physicians to review with you. He is a member of American Board of Clinical Thermography and the American Board of Medical Infrared Imaging.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is an imaging system of the temperature patterns and gradients used for the analysis and identification of heat processes within the body. Heat patterns may indicate physiological disturbances of pain, inflammation, and hormonal or metabolic condition. Alternatively, certain heat patterns may be a signal of inflammation often found in cancer. Thermography uses a highly sensitive infrared camera to image minute temperature changes occurring in the tiny capillaries of the body. Thermography is well researched and was initially approved by the FDA for use as a supportive breast cancer screening tool in 1982.

How does Thermography compare to Mammography?

Thermography does not replace mammography but is used in addition to increase the sensitivity of breast cancer screening. Where as mammography, ultrasound, CT scans and MRI’s are used to identify an anatomical mass,thermography has the ability to identify the first thermal and chemical changes that may lead to tumor formation. Mammography is an image of the anatomy of the body. Thermography is an image of the physiology of the body. Studies have shown thermography to be 90% accurate in detecting thermal signs that may indicate the presence of breast cancer.

Benefits of Thermography

  • Extremely safe from infancy to elderly; safe to do every day
  • No x-rays. An infrared camera is used to take a picture of the infrared rays given off of the body. No x-ray or radiation is absorbed by the body.
  • 90% sensitivity for breast inflammation detection.
  • Useful for the detection of inflammation found in:
    • thyroid conditions
    • testicular problems
    • pain syndromes
    • musculoskeletal conditions
    • hormonal imbalances
    • metabolic conditions
    • heart disease
  • Useful in monitoring efficacy of treatment.

How can I prepare for my Thermography session?

Following are sample steps of how to prepare for thermography. Please read the complete instructions (pdf) prior to your appointment.

  1. Please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early.
  2. Have your forms completed and signed.
  3. Avoid any perfumes and/or lotions.
  4. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  5. Do not shave the area being imaged for 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  6. Avoiding drinking or eating for 30 minutes prior to your appointment.
  7. If you are nursing, nurse 1 hour prior to your appointment.

What can I expect?

You will be seated in a temperature-monitored room unclothed for 15-20 minutes to allow your body temperature to acclimate to the temperature of the room.  You will be asked to sit still and not to touch any object. You may NOT read during your acclimation time. You are encouraged to use this time to meditate and to practice deep breathing.  Soothing music will be available during your acclimation period.

Once acclimated, our Thermography technician will enter the room and show you various positions of arms and legs to hold for a few seconds as she takes an image.  A series of images will be taken of the area being evaluated.  The images will then be sent to a certified thermologist to read the images and report on the findings.  The report will be sent to you or your physician within 2 weeks. Expedite readings of the images are available with a 24-48 hour turn around time when requested for an extra fee.

What areas can be evaluated?

A series of images can be taken of the upper body, the lower body, head and neck and/or the breasts. The upper or lower body includes full spinal images.  We also provide  full body thermography scan which includes all of the above as well as the abdomen. View example of images with explanations. (pdf)

Do I Need a Physician referral?

You are welcome to self-refer without a physician prescription for Thermography.  If you do have a physician referral, the report will be sent to your physician.  A physician referral is required if you are seeking medical insurance coverage.

Is Thermography covered by my insurance?

Thermography is not covered by most medical insurances and is regarded as a non-covered service.  A superbill will be given to you to submit to your insurance if you wish.  Please be prepared for full payment at the time of service.

You will need a follow up appointment with one of our physicians to review your results.  If you are a current Holistique patient and already have naturopathic medical insurance coverage for our physicians, courtesy billing for the office visit with our physicians to review your results will be sent to your medical insurance.

Please Note: Once insurance is billed by our office, you are responsible for the full payment at the insurance billing rate if your medical benefits do not allow for 100% coverage of Thermography.

To make an appointment or find out more about Thermography, please contact us.

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