Full Body Scan: ES Complex

ES Complex is a FDA-approved non-invasive testing device for the evaluation of the autonomic nervous system, organ functions and risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The system analyzing data from skin galvanic response, oximeter, blood pressure, and body composition analyzer to determine hardening and thickening of arteries, heart health, exercise capacity, individualized diet plan, thyroid function, neurotransmitter balance, and multiple other vital markers for health.

What information does the test provide?

The test gives information about the whole body physiology. Some of the measurements it takes include:

1) Body composition: your lean muscle, fat percentage, and its ratio.

2) Intracellular and extracellular fluid: which determine hydration, and health of the cells.  

3) Acid/Base Balance of your sweat to determine your body’s acidity. 

4) Heart Rate Variability: One of the most important markers evaluating the autonomic nervous system. The more variable the heart rate, the more balance your autonomic nervous system is, and the less risk for chronic disease. This gives your physician information about how well your nervous system responds and adapts to physical and mental stress. 

5) Arterial thickness and stiffness: The stiffness and thickness of your arteries give you risks for heart attacks, and stroke. 

6) Nutritional needs including calcium, potassium, phosphates, magnesium, etc

7) Hormonal evaluation: thyroid, pancreas and adrenal functions are difficult to evaluate on regular laboratory tests accurately, yet the ES Complex gives usable information about the function of these glands and hormones as they affect the cellular, metabolic, and cardiovascular health.

8) Inflammation and Oxygenation of tissues: including oxygenation uptake.

9) Organ functions including brain function, digestive and kidney function

10) Spinal and nerve conduction from each spinal vertebrae

11) Metabolism evaluation: including metabolic risks, cholesterol estimation, insulin resistance, pancreatic beta-cell function

12) Meridian Analysis: A reading of the function of each meridian and its function is performed to check for any dysfunction, inflammation and weakness.

13) Diet and Lifestyle: Provides an individualized diet and lifestyle plan to reduce your risks, and improve your cellular and cardiovascular health.

14) And MORE!!!

What does the testing involve?

The test takes only 7 minutes and is non-invasive. Electrodes are placed on your head; your hands and feet are placed on metal plates connected to the computer. You are asked to relax and then breathe in and hold your breath. Finally, you are asked to stand up and then sit down. The computer then analyzes the data for your physician to review the information with you.

What do I do to prepare for the test?

Make sure you are well hydrated for the test. It is best not to have any nail polish on your fingernails as this may impede the readings. You will be asked to take off jewelry, watch and your socks at the time of the test.

Is this test billed to my medical insurance?

Yes, the tests ran by this system are billable to your insurance. Depending on your insurance plan, you may have full, partial or no coverage for this test. It is best to check with your insurance company to see if they cover autonomic nervous system testing.