Auricular medicine testing (AMT) measures the biologic energetic field (BEF) of each patient, specifically that of the ear, and monitors the autonomic nervous system (the nervous system we cannot control).

AMT provides invaluable information that helps the doctor identify causative factors afflicting different organ systems. It is used to critically assess the system’s energetic status, detect energetic and pathological disturbances on both physical and psycho-emotional levels, and identify blockages to healing.

During the visit, AMT is used to identify appropriate and precise treatment(s) to allow the living system to repair and heal. It is further used to assess a patient’s response to treatment, whether via medication, supplement or other treatment type.

Paul Nogier, a French neurologist, acupuncturist and homeopath, developed auricular medicine as we know it today. AMT is being used by naturopathic doctors, medical doctors and acupuncturists in increasing numbers across the U.S. and Canada.