Bio-oxidative therapies (BOT) use oxygen to improve cellular detoxification and health. By increasing oxygen to the cells, cells begin to oxidize toxins and eliminate them, regenerate cells and rejuvenate tissues.

Multiple bio-oxidative therapies are found in Europe to achieve cellular oxidation, detoxification and regeneration. Europeans have used bio-oxidative therapies effectively for almost 100 years to treat conditions ranging from infections to heart disease to autoimmune disease, neurological disease, and pain. More recently, BOT has been shown to be a popular adjunct to any anti-aging medical program to increase telomere length and reduce the aging process. BOT additionally is being used in aesthetic medicine, orthopedic medicine and oral surgery.

In United States, bio-oxidative treatments are considered experimental. These include:

  • Exercise with Oxygen therapy (EWOT)
  • Hydrogen peroxide therapy including topically and  intravenously
  • High Dose Vitamin C therapy intravenously
  • Ozone therapy using O3 topically, auricularly, rectally, vaginally and injectable (intravenously and into muscles, ligaments, and tendons for direct tissue contact and optimal healing)
  • Kaqun therapy (liquid oxygen or O8) discovered in Budapest, Hungary in 2003
  • Hyperbaric medicine using pressurized oxygen concentrator

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