Kaqun therapy, discovered approximately 10 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, is the newest form of bio-oxidative medicine available on the market in Europe, Australia and in North America.

Kaqun is a potent form of liquid oxygen. It has powerful tissue oxygenation abilities. In Europe, Kaqun is used as baths for patients with cancer, depression, and infections. Over several treatments per day using Kaqun baths, oral consumption and topical applications, Kaqun appears to stimulate the healing of tissues improving oxygenation, reducing cancer cell replication, and restoring healthy cells.  Because of its powerful anti-microbial and regenerative qualities as well as its potent oxygenation capabilities, Kaqun is being studied in newborns, autistic children, skin conditions, and lyme disease, and as an adjunctive cancer therapy in stage III and IV cancer patients in Europe.

Kaqun is available as a topical gel as well as in bottles for oral consumption in North America.

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