Detoxification refers to the removal of waste products and toxins, resulting from stress, chemical and metal exposures, environmental pollutants and hormonal imbalances, from our body. Removing wastes from the body allows the cells and organs to function more effectively and efficiently. Oxidation, resulting from excess toxins, causes damage to the cells, thereby, promoting faster aging. The end-result of detoxification is a reduction of oxidative damage to the cells and thus, a slowing down of the aging process.

There are many types of detoxification programs. At Holistique, we focus on identifying the toxins present in your body; making sure your organs can handle detoxification, and devise a detoxification program in the priority order that your individual body requires for a healthy and positive end-result. If the colon is not functioning properly, for instance, liver detoxification can be more damaging than beneficial because the toxins do not have a way out of the colon. In this case, the toxins will be re-absorbed through the colon wall into the circulation, adding to the toxic load of the liver and the oxidative damage of the cells. So proper order of detoxification is vital to health.

Metal detoxification (called chelation) must be done properly and in sequential order. Improper metal detox can dislodge metals into other tissues such as the kidneys and cause more damage. Our physicians are well versed in detoxification of metals and can aid you an appropriate metal chelation.

Detoxification, ideally, should be done during the transitional seasons, autumn and spring, for optimal wellness. The term, “cleaning house” does not refer only to our physical surroundings during spring, it is also an appropriate term for detox of our own body, the “house” of the soul.

At Holistique, our physicians are experienced in many different types of detoxification programs for anti-aging as well as for different medical conditions and will prescribe an appropriate one at the appropriate time for you.

Many of the detoxification programs involve a combination of some of the following treatments:

Holistique’s Specialty Detoxification Programs Holistique offers a number of unique detoxification programs to address:

Chemical Toxicity
Lyme Disease

Parasite Toxicity
Kidney Toxicity

Metal Toxicity
Smoking Cessation

Please contact our office for a physician evaluation and to find out what type of detox is for you.