Anti-Aging Medicine is a specialty of Western Medicine similar to Naturopathic Medicine. Physicians practicing anti-aging medicine are dedicated to prevention, balancing hormones, and providing detoxification and nutrition to keep you healthier in order to slow down the aging process and prevent chronic disease.

Anti-aging medicine also involves aesthetic practices that keep the skin and the physical appearance looking more radiant and younger.

At Holistique Medical Center, we practice anti-aging medicine using natural and holistic methods to increase your wellness, reverse the aging process and to make you feel full of life and vitality.

We provide nutrients intravenously as prevention for disease and aging. Energy, stamina, skin, immune system, and memory improve as a result.

Hormone evaluation using functional urine, blood or saliva tests are done followed by balancing hormones using herbs, nutrients, homeopathic hormones or bio-identical hormone replacement when indicated. Properly balanced hormones are important in both females and men and affect energy, muscle, bone and skin health, mental clarity, mood, sexual function, cancer, chronic disease and aging.

Regular personalized detoxification significantly improves aging, mood and general wellness. As toxins, resulting from stress, chemical and environmental pollutants, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, build up in our system, oxidation of cells occurs. Oxidation of cells is the main culprit for aging. Once oxidation is minimized, the aging process is reversed and chronic disease and cancer prevented.

At Holistique, our physicians use numerous other techniques and procedures to keep you young. These may include: Needle-Free Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, mesotherapy, neural therapy, prolotherapy, Ondamed Biofeedback, complete digestive system analysis and treatment, and most importantly, emotional release and detoxification. Qigong and Jin Shin Do treatments are also excellent anti-aging treatments, which may be prescribed by one of our physicians.

So for your anti-aging needs whether you are preventing disease or wanting to look your best, Holistique Medical Center offers the ideal natural non-toxic and cutting-edge anti-aging medical procedures.