What is Acupuncture and Needle-Free Acupuncture?

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Is Needle-free acupuncture effective for facial rejuvenation and facelift?

Acupuncture has been used for many years for facial rejuvenation and facelift using the insertion of needles into the areas of muscle attachments to improve skin and muscle tone.

Needle-free acupuncture works on the same concept of acupuncture for facelift but it is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and needle-free. It is very effective in providing a natural facelift and facial rejuvenation without the risks of acupuncture. Fine lines and wrinkles of the face are dramatically reduced after a few needle-free acupuncture sessions. The skin feels and looks healthier, more glowing and fresher.

How Does Needle-free acupuncture work for Facial rejuvenation and facelift?

Due to the aging process, the muscles under the skin weaken over time and the skin loses its elasticity. The result is the appearance of wrinkled skin. Needle-free acupuncture increases the “Qi” of the underlying muscles and strengthens them. The result is natural lifting of the skin and muscles and reduction of wrinkles..

How many treatments do I need for Facial Rejuvenation and Needle-free FaceLift?

For Facial rejuvenation and facelift you may need 3-10 initial treatments followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

What conditions can Needle-free acupuncture effectively treat?

Needle-free acupuncture is effective for many medical conditions ranging from asthma to back pain to high cholesterol to infertility and female conditions.
Needle-free acupuncture is also effectively used for a natural non-surgical, non-invasive facelift and facial rejuvenation.

The treatment takes 45-50 minutes and may be repeated depending on the condition being treated.

What are the benefits of needle-free acupuncture?

Needle-free acupuncture is safe, affordable, effective, simple, without side effects using modern technology and ancient wisdom of holistic healing.