Aesthetic Medicine involves the improvement and enhancement of the appearance of skin and physical structures of the face and body. Your skin and physical beauty are the reflection of health and wellness internally and contributes significantly to emotional wellness. At Holistique, powerful natural, non-invasive and non-surgical effective aesthetic procedures are used to enhance your physical beauty.

Healing and Optimizing the Inner You

The first step in any aesthetic treatment is of course healing and optimizing the inner you through a personalized holistic treatment plan. Our physicians treat the inner beauty through lifestyle and personalized Nutritional Counseling, Signature Detoxification Programs, Weight Loss Programs, Exercise Therapy, meditation techniques such as Qi gong, Emotional Release Techniques, Klear Therapy and Biofeedback, such as Ondamed.

Enhancement through Specialized Aesthetic Methods

The second step in beautifying you is to enhance the external being through specialized aesthetic methods adopted from across the world including Europe, South America and the Orient. Holistique’s Medical Director, Dr. Darvish is well versed in these specialized injection techniques including mesotherapy/micro-needling and PRP facelift/facial to treat wrinkles, stimulate a natural facelift and to provide nutrition to the skin; lipodissolve or lipomesotherapy to dissolve cellulite and localized fat under the chin, around the eyes, abdomen, hips, and arms. Neural therapy is another specialized superficial injection procedure using nutrients to treat and reduce scars without the use and the adverse effects of steroids.

Needle-Free Acupuncture (NFA) with PRP Facelift

Holistique is proud to introduce to the Great Northwest a most exciting and effective technique for non-surgical facelift: Needle Free Acupuncture (NFA) along with the PRP Facelift, which stimulates the facial muscles, acupuncture points, and skin to provide a natural glow and an extraordinary natural facial rejuvenation and lift.

Healing Skin Conditions

At Holistique, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, acne and scars are treated naturally and successfully while avoiding steroids and other suppressive pharmaceutical medications.

Skin Care Products

And finally, the last step in beautifying you is to maintain your beauty with natural non-harmful home skin care products. Completely pure and organic, non-chemically based, all natural herbal and vitamin skin care products are available from Holistique Pharmacy and may be prescribed by your physician for you to maintain optimal skin care at home.