Holistique Medical Center – Transforming Lives from Within!

The aim of Holistique Medical Center is to transform lives from within. Since its inception as the first naturopathic medical clinic at Overlake Hospital in 2003, Holistique has developed into a unique comprehensive, integrative and individualized healing medical center.

We specialize in finding the root cause of a variety of chronic and acute conditions through a complete and comprehensive assessment, and to treat using a diverse, integrated and personalized treatment plan involving the best of all that western, eastern, natural, and bio-energy medicine has to offer.

Five Gems of Wellbeing

At Holistique, the 5 Gems of wellbeing are evaluated individually and in concert with each other, and then restored into synchronicity for complete healing and optimal wellness.

These Gems are the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

While practicing the art and science of medicine, our physicians and staff embrace the 5 guiding principles of natural medicine: do no harm, the natural laws of cure, treat the whole person, educate and inspire our patients, and practice prevention.

Ask yourself if you are:

  • Suffering from chronic illness or pain?
  • Looking to optimize your wellbeing?
  • Wanting a natural facelift?
  • Seeking physician supervised weight loss?
  • In need of an annual exam and blood work?
  • Interested in learning meditation and exercise techniques?
  • Needing your hormones checked?

Contact us today and allow the caring staff at Holistique to help transform your life from within!