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Hey ladies – are you up-to-date on your female exams, including your Pap and breast exams?

Dr Thorne is trained in providing a holistic perspective to your female exams. At Holistique Medical Center, we offer many effective natural therapies for various female concerns including recurrent yeast infections, menstrual pain, endometriosis, breast pain, acne related to your menstrual cycle, PCOS, excess hair and mood swings.

As always, we recommend having a yearly female exam for a general check-up. However, depending on your age and past medical history, you may not need another Pap for 3-5 years from the date of your most recent test.

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) updated their guidelines for cervical cancer screening. They now recommend the following for most women:

    • All women should begin Pap exams at age 21, regardless of sexual activity
    • Women 21-29 years old should have Pap testing every 3 years
    • Women 30-65 years old should have Pap testing + HPV co-testing every 5 years (preferred). These women may also have a Pap only test OR HPV only test every 3 years.
    • At age 65, women can discontinue Pap’s, if they do not have a history of an abnormal pap or have other risk factors

Women who have a history of cervical cancer, an abnormal Pap or who have weakened immune systems, will likely need more frequent testing. Please ask your provider about the best options for your health needs.

Teens and young women who are sexually active, but not yet 21 years old do not need to do Pap testing. However, we do advise these females to have a visit with one of our providers to address any sexual health concerns and to consider STI/STD counseling and testing.

If you identify as a trans woman, you may need to continue age-appropriate screening for breast and cervical cancer, including breast and Pap exams. Please consult with one of our providers for individualized recommendations.

Take control of your reproductive health and schedule your female annual exam with Dr. Thorne today. Dr. Thorne accepts Premera and Lifewise.


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