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I am humbled by a recent invitation to join a group of world-class experts, including medical doctors and scientists, on educating the public on alternative cancer therapies. My lecture was part of a one-of-a-kind online cancer education program through Cancer Free University. You will find lectures from over 60 different world-wide experts.You will find my interview on hydrosol silver, under Chapter 12 under the Treatment Options section of this cancer educational series.
To learn about the program, go to CancerFreeUniversity.com. As a special offer for our patients, Cancer Free University has provided us with a promo code: DARVISH50 . Our patients qualify to receive a $50 discount on their program with this promotional code.

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Dr. Darvish is a nationally and internationally recognized integrative and naturopathic physician and lecturer in the field of holistic, preventative, and anti-aging medicine and chronic disease. She is the founder and medical director of Holistique Medical Center and the Chief Medical Officer of Holistique Health Institute in Bellevue, Washington. A 1995 graduate of Bastyr University with a two-year residency certification, Dr. Darvish also holds medical Fellowships in Anti-Aging Medicine. Combining the science of western medicine with the wisdom of eastern medicine to transform lives from within, Dr. Darvish aspires to educate, inspire, treat, and assist every soul who crosses her path in their journey for optimum wellness. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her leadership and unique medical knowledge and healing capacities.
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