What you should expect on your first appointment

Your initial visit will be approximately 45-60 minutes. When you make your initial appointment, we will ask you for your email address to register you in our system. We will send you an invitation to register for the patient portal. You will be able to fill out our intake forms and medical history questionnaires ahead of your scheduled appointment.

During your initial visit, your physician will consult with you regarding your condition, medical/emotional/mental history, diet and lifestyle, and current medications and supplements. Physical examination will be performed along with possible autonomic response testing to direct the physician towards the laboratory testing and imaging that may be necessary. If you do have copies of any recent lab tests and imaging studies, it would be helpful for our physicians if you brought a copy of them with you or have them faxed to our office prior to your initial visit. Our physicians, at your first visit, may order some specialty tests or initial in-house testing to acquire more information about the whole of you.

At times, your particular situation may be very clear or urgent; thus, your physician may prescribe dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplements, or medications on the very first visit. A referral to a specialist may also be made if medically necessary on the first visit.

You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to review your test results, and medications and supplements and to initiate a treatment plan.

What about return office visits?

On your return office visit, your health history will be updated along with reviewing your test results, medications and supplements. The layers are then reassessed using physical exam, lab tests including the specialty tests, and autonomic response testing. In consultation with you, a treatment plan will be devised on your second visit. Depending on the urgency of your condition, certain treatments such as spinal manipulation, ultrasound therapy, IV nutrients therapy, may be performed on the same day to speed up the healing process.

Further follow-up visits involve continual assessment and possible reassessment of the layers. The treatment plan will be altered accordingly to address the next layer of the healing process.

The return office call takes 15-30 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition.