Our philosophy of diagnosis is to look at the layers of the 5 gems (physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual) in an individualized priority order and to treat the layers in the order of priority that your body needs in order to heal. Each layer may be treated together or individually until complete and whole health is achieved.

The healing of the layers is often a process in chronic conditions and may involve weeks to months for optimal healing to be achieved. Old symptoms, which initially were suppressed, may return as the layers heal. Pharmaceutical medications are minimized because of their suppressive effects, as well as to lessen any further additional layers during the healing process.

Our philosophy also involves analyzing the toxic load of each individual. This load may include environmental, chemical and metal toxicities, hormonal imbalances, scars causing dysfunction, emotional stressors of current and the past, food intolerances and allergies, infections (including viruses, bacterial, parasites, and spirochetes such as lyme), spinal and joints mis-alignments causing nervous system dysfunction, and genetic and familial influences.

Because our physicians assess the whole you, your layers and toxic load, your office visits may take longer than a regular medical doctor’s appointment.